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by Sheilah Belle

Baltimore, MDDr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant has become one of the Nations most intriguing Christian figures in our country.  He is radical, innovative and is living in the prime of his life.  During an exclusive interview with The Belle Report this week, Dr. Bryant talked about his latest television appearance on “The Ultimate Merger” starring Omarosa and another TV One television show in the works.

Dr. Bryant’s initial meeting with Omarosa came, when she was scheduled to speak at his church, The Empowerment Temple in Baltimore on Business Principal. “She is one of the most brilliant women I know.  She sets her mind to do something, she creates a plan and then gets the job done,” says Dr. Bryant.


Over time Dr. Bryant and Omarosa developed a strong friendship, with Omarosa now calling Dr. Bryant her spiritual adviser.  “People have to remember, “This is a growing process.  Omarosa still has not had her trial sermon yet and as far as I know there isn’t one scheduled.  However it wouldn’t be at my church, but at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. where she is a member.”

One day after preaching a sermon in New Jersey, Dr. Bryant received a phone call from Omarosa stating that she needed him in Las Vegas.  He flew out the following morning and his television taping began within hours on “The Ultimate Merger.”

When asked, ‘What did you think about the selection of the men on the show,” Dr. Bryant said, “I thought it could have been better!”  So how does the show end, is there an ultimate merger?  Dr. Bryant said, “It’s the biggest finale since who shot JR on Dallas.”

With so much going on in this Pastor/Author/Speaker and now actor’s life, you would think he had a manager, a publicist and an agency running his schedule, but that is not the case. Dr. Bryant said, ‘I have a staff at my church that orchestrates my travel and my schedule but that’s it.”


However you my now find Dr. Bryant in any corner of the earth with people flying him in for events to preach, teach and even speak on his new book,  World War Me, which has been selling off of the bookshelves and selling out across the country from Barnes & Nobles, Target and even on back order now with

However with so much falling in Dr. Bryant’s lap, don’t get it twisted because he isn’t either.  He says, “While I’m having fun, my number one focus is my call to the ministry.”

“I have no doubt Omarosa can write her own ticket doing anything she wants, but after she returns to the Board Room and Donald Trump makes another trip on his jet, I have my own life as well, with God orchestrating every step.”

However it may be a while before things slow down for Dr. Bryant.  He says starting in September he will be taping a reality television show with KC and JoJo.  As the two singers work to get their careers back on track, Dr. Bryant has been tapped to be their Life Coach on the show, which starts taping in September.

When asked if we can expect an “Ultimate Merger II”, Dr. Bryant said, “You’re going to have to watch the show.”

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