Radio One Exclusives

Today we are spotlighting Rizpah which means "A Hot Stone" or "Coal." Rizpah persistent courage gave meaning to her sons' deaths...

Today we are spotlighting the mother of Moses, Jochebed which means "The Lord Is Glory"

Life certainly looks a lot different for many of us since the world changed in 2020. Backstage at Praise in the Park, Maurette B. Clark explained how she emerged from the pandemic with a renewed outlook on music and so much more.

He’s more than a friend folks, JJ Hairston is family. Backstage at Praise in the Park 2023 JJ spent some time with AV talking music, ministry and more.

The police beating of Tyre Nichols that led to his death will get even more heartbreaking now that body cam footage has been released.

This week, Faith & Fame with AV's guest is Houston's own J. Pyles. With Praise in the Park around the corner, AV and J discussed the return of the highly anticipated event, plus music and so much more.

Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew confirmed that a 6-year-old first grade student has been identified as the shooting suspect. The chief also stated that the shooting was not accidental.

Fondren Flip has come a long way, learn more about his unforgettable journey with A.V.

16 men in Houston are using their style and manhood to inspire the youth to be distinguished men through mentorship and community service.

Amanda calls a spade a spade in this PSA: Public Seales Announcement. Is Kanye West Really a Man of God?

The Sun reports that Kevin Hunter is looking for court intervention after his alimony checks stopped rolling in earlier this year. It looks like alimony payments ended in February of this year, and as a result, Kevin is now at risk of losing his home. You know... the one he shares with the long-term mistress that he knocked up. 

LeBron James defends former teammate Kyrie Irving and calls out the media's response to Jerry Jones photo at a Desegregation rally in 1957