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Source: Martin Novak / Getty

In case you’ve been MIA, the coronavirus has officially taken over the news cycle. What originally started as a virus in China has now become a worldwide state of emergency.

After shutting down travel across the world, forcing employers to implement work from home policies and leaving commuters no choice but to distance themselves from those coughing, sneezing or wearing masks, the coronavirus has changed the way we view health.

According to NBC News,  the coronavirus has now become a pandemic. With an invasion of 114 countries, killing more than 4,000 people, we have to admit we’ve never seen anything like this. That and the head of the World Health Organization officially characterized this as a “pandemic.”

“This is the first pandemic caused by the coronavirus,” the WHO’s director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said during a news conference.

While only seniors and people who have severe medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, respiratory issues and lung disease are more at risk, it hasn’t stopped everyone from taking preventative measures that include washing your hands every time you step indoors, staying stocked with a bottle of hand sanitizer and keeping a safe distance from others.

While some people have taken things to the next level, the coronavirus has now inspired the newest beauty trend.

That’s right!

Nail tech Mei Kawajiri has turned the coronavirus into a seemingly stylish nail design. With the Purell brand inscribed on her nails along with other words such as “advanced” and “refreshing,” this is a creative way to get people serious about protecting themselves.

And of course, the trend has gone viral. Check out some of the best coronavirus nail looks that have turned heads.

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