(Dallas, TX.) – November 24, 2021 — Award-Winning Artist, Accomplished Actress, Songwriter, Producer, and Businesswoman, Tamela Mann is releasing her first-ever Christmas single, “What Christmas Really Means,” this Friday, November 26, to all digital platforms. The single is from her new movie, Soul Santa, which also stars Tamela’s husband, NAACP Image Award-Winning Actor/Comedian David Mann. Soul Santa, executive produced by Tamela, David, who was […]

It’s REAL SIMPLE! If you are given the opportunity to meet someone who may live life differently from you, take that opportunity to tell them about Jesus! We all have a story! We have all been hurt and we all have a past. However let’s grow beyond sitting back, being judgmental and condemning a person, […]

Faith Walking, Erica Campbell wants us to understand that Jesus needed people.

This edition of Love Talking is about the challenge of loving the unloveable.

 The burial chamber where Jesus Christ is believed to have been entombed is actually one of Christianity’s holiest sites. After nine months of tedious restoration, the site has been reopened. The burial chamber is located in the center of the Christian quarter in Jerusalem’s Old City.  The necessary repairs were made to the Edicule, a small structure made of limestone and […]

Nowadays, it might be hard to focus on what Christmas really should be about when we are encouraged to shop and spend money on the latest and greatest in material things during the holiday season. Erica Campbell explains how, in her household, she makes sure the “Christ” in Christmas isn’t left out of the priorities. […]

While Kev On Stage was sitting in on the morning show for GRIFF, he had a prayer to submit to God. He says he’s been in church for a long time, and he has seen many a communion. He laments about how much communion has changed since his early days in church; for instance, there […]

In this edition of the Ericaism, Erica Campbell shares how she learned that it’s important to give without second thought. She reads from the book of Luke, “with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.” She talks about growing up around a bunch of givers; people who would give ceaselessly without […]

In today’s Ericaism, Erica Campbell takes a look at one simple, yet powerful sentence; Jesus loves you. She reminds us that there is nothing else to add to that sentence. There is no ‘but’ or ‘if’ or ‘and.’ It’s that simple! She says we should stop fretting about the mistakes we’ve made and our shortcomings, because […]

  Tyler Perry chats with the morning show family about his job as host and narrator of FOX’s “The Passion,” a live musical event about Christ.…


Uncle Reece joined the live broadcast of “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show” from the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, and he told an inspirational story about…

Uncle Reece hung out with us during the live broadcast of “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show” from the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, and he…