A home in Big Bear, CA was invaded and a couple was tied up, law enforcement believe by former officer and fugitive murder suspect, Chris Dorner. According to various reports, he was taken into custody, but then a shoot-out occurred, and the current news is that he is heavily armed and on the run in […]

George Zimmerman has turned himself in, his lawyer says. He will be charged, says a senior law enforcement source familiar with the Trayvon Martin death probe. CNN just reported George Zimmerman surrendered to authorities and is currently in custody in Florida. He’s also obtained a new attorney. Stay tuned… Share your thoughts on the live […]

Three African American men are dead in Tulsa, Oklahoma and two white suspects are in custody. Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said with the facts in this case one could believe the shootings were racially motivated. An investigation is on going but Jim Finch, head of the FBI’s Oklahoma office said Sunday that it was […]

It is no secret that America is experiencing a child obesity epidemic. But this story reveals how severe the problem truly is. SEE ALSO: The Jackson 4 The Associated Press reports that an 8-year-old boy from Cleveland was taken from his family because he weighs more than 200 pounds. The boy was removed from his […]