Embattled megachurch pastor Bishop Eddie Long has returned to the pulpit of Georgia’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church after being away for weeks, but the senior pastor has lost a significant amount of weight, prompting more dire prognoses about the state of his health.

Christians and Christianity in the media  have changed. In the 1980’s we saw the start of change in media. What we thought of as the…

Centrino Kemp is back! The book is entitled “First Lady.” In it he discusses his arrival in he United States at the young age of…

Bishop TD Jakes talks about Eddie Lon, sex abuse and poverty with CNN.

Eddie Long’s New Birth surveillance video of the burglary of the church office has hit the news all across the country.This video is what began the firestorm of charges. Two men were charged with the burglary. One would later sue the Bishop for sexual misconduct.   The Fox News  I-Team reporter Dale Russell has obtained the […]

New Book, “First Lady” tells every lurid detail that Centrino first alluded to in his earth shattering interview Eddie Long’s Fifth Accuser Centrino Talks About Rape & Abuse [AUDIO]. The quiet has been shattered once again with a book hitting the presses with resounding sound of Eddie Long’s crimes. This is now more than just […]

Embattled mega-church pastor Eddie Long has requested the DeKalb County District Attorney Office to dismiss burglary charges against his former security guard. The former security guard was among three young men accused of stealing about $100,000-worth of jewelry and electronics from Long’s office inside New Birth Ministry near Atlanta in 2010. Why Has Bishop Eddie […]

It appears the local churches are suffering from the bells and whistles of the mega-churches. T.D. Jakes, Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar, Charles Blake, and many others are a part of a trend towards Mega Churches. Many African American preachers look toward these churches as models of where they wish to be. But is a Mega […]

Fox 5 Atlanta has discovered that there was a fifth accuser in the Bishop Eddie Long sexual misconduct case. Centino Kemp never filed a lawsuit and his name was never made public during the case, but apparently Kemp was involved in the recent settlement negotiations with Long and the other accusers. According to Fox 5 […]

Anthony Boyd, one of the young men who refused to settle and take money from Bishop Eddie Long is now maintaining his innocence from a burglary charge. Anthony was once a promising star in Bishop Long’s eyes.  Eddie Long once introduced him to the  congregation by saying, “He’s had a heckuva past. When he heard […]

A special NewsOne/Elev8 report: Bishop Eddie Long may have just wrought the end to his Atlanta mega-congregation, the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. A source within New Birth says that the consequences of the Long sex scandal have amounted to a veritable “three strikes” against him. Strike One — Church elders are abandoning Long– The […]