Homegoing celebration services for Long will be held today. Watch the service here...

While there have been no recent official statements concerning the health of Bishop Eddie Long, new video suggests that he is still dealing with a health situation.

Atlanta, GA — Bishop Eddie Long is making headlines again. This time it’s because video of one of his church services has gone viral. Long has recently returned to preaching church services again after briefly stepping down as head pastor from the church due to a sex scandal and subsequent divorce from his wife. This […]

Eddie Long’s New Birth surveillance video of the burglary of the church office has hit the news all across the country.This video is what began the firestorm of charges. Two men were charged with the burglary. One would later sue the Bishop for sexual misconduct.   The Fox News  I-Team reporter Dale Russell has obtained the […]

from: praisephilly.com Bishop Eddie Long has returned to full time ministry. Bishop Long’s worldwide impact emanates from New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia, where he is the senior pastor of more than 25,000 members. As most of us know here in the states there has been scandalous story after scandalous story. It appears […]

Anthony Boyd, one of the young men who refused to settle and take money from Bishop Eddie Long is now maintaining his innocence from a burglary charge. Anthony was once a promising star in Bishop Long’s eyes.  Eddie Long once introduced him to the  congregation by saying, “He’s had a heckuva past. When he heard […]

The salacious headlines about Bishop Eddie Long’s alleged sexual activities have subsided, but the negative effects of the scandal continue to impact New Birth, the mega church led by Long. Find out much more about this unfortunate story and get more details at 1-800-Gospel.com.