An African-American waitress received an inspiring note from three White male customers during inauguration weekend in Washington, D.C. The message included the words "not race, not gender, just American."

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF recalls an eventful trip he took to a restaurant to pick up some food to eat. He said that while he was paying for the food, the cashier lady reached over to give him his receipt, and he noticed something strange. The woman was missing more than a […]

Designer, decorator, restaurateur, model and television personality Barbara “B.” Smith is saying good bye to the East Coast. The mogul is reportedly closing shop on yet…

Miss Community Clovia is on a mission to find Richmond’s coolest hang out spots for the hungry saints leaving Transformation Expo 2012 this weekend. While we were downtown, she could smell the aroma of fresh soul food cookin’ right around the corner from the Greater Richmond Convention Center at Mama J’s Kitchen. We instantly decided […]