Bryan Popin will be in LIVE in Atlanta this weekend at Bishop Dale Bronner’s “Word Of Faith Family Cathedral.”  He will be at both services and is teaming up with WOFFC’s choir/band for his new single, “Such A Time As This” and theme song, “I Can Make It.”  Bishop Dale Bronner’s WOFFC began with 125 members […]

To say that Bryan Popin’s “Such A Time As This” is having quite a good week is an understatement.  After winning “Hit Of The Week” on The Willie Moore Jr. Show, Popin’s radio single has gone from #22 to #17 and trending at #11 on Billboard’s gospel radio chart.  This could very well be Popin’s […]

BRYAN POPIN’s “Such A Time As This” wins “Hit Of The Week” and beats out NBC The Voice’s Jordan Smith on Radio One’s syndicated hit show, The Willie Moore Jr. Show: Bryan Popin’s “Such A Time As This” was up against Jordan Smith’s “Every Prayer” this week on The Willie Moore Jr. Show’s Holy Grounds […]