“The Daniel Fast” Consider getting your year started with prayer and fasting.  Some people often start their year with the Daniel Fast.  This is a great way to get focused on God’s Will over your life. THE DANIEL FAST Specifically, entering into an extended period of prayer and fasting at the New Year is practiced […]

Celebrating my 21st day of being on the Daniel Fast over the weekend¡­and yes the fire is real(lol)! After 21 Days of being on the Daniel Fast, I must say, it has changed my life!  What a blessing to experience such a connection with God, to be accountable with a personal promise to God.  I […]

The Belle Gearing Up For “The Daniel Fast” Today is Day 5!  This is day four for me on the Daniel Fast and things just keep on happening!  One of my favorite places to eat is Panera Bread.  This is a place that has great food and is never ever brought to the work place for FREE to eat, UNTIL […]