the wiz

Next year is gearing up to be a big one for live musicals over at FOX; it was recently announced Tyler Perry will host a religious musical special just in time for Easter.

Ne-Yo called up the morning show family to talk about his role as the Tin Man in the now legendary revival of “The Wiz,” live on…

After much speculation about whether NBC could pull off classic movie The Wiz as a live production, based on the rave reviews following the theatrical adaptation that aired Thursday night, the cast and crew delivered.

TIME recently recognized six influential Black teenagers for their "30 Most Influential Teens of 2015"

The FBI has launched an investigation to take a closer look at Hillary Clinton’s private email account.

Nowhere has the depiction of black life been more diverse than in the world of cinema. Go to any video store, surf any video rental website and look at the wide selection of films in the African-American/Black films section. The variety is vast, so if you’re having trouble where to start, here are nine of […]