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If you are one those people who struggle to remember your password or those who have to carry access cards, technology is now creating wearable a temporary tattoo that will be able to help you.

You can wear it on your forearm or wrist.



These “epidermal electronics” will allow users to take advantage of an incredibly resilient patch of digital sensors. A tiny patch allows them to be a walking “authentication token”.



These tiny tattoos are also capable of detecting health data such as heart activity, muscle movements, hydration levels and body temperature. And get this: when the tattoo is applied to the throat, the highly intricate sensors can detect muscle movement and speech—potentially allowing the tattoos to become a wireless hands-free tool.


Studies on larger digital tattoos have shown that brain signals can be picked up by the patch and “mind-controlled” commands such as flying a remote-control plane or drone can be completed.



Researchers are hoping to replicate this “mind-control” in the smaller tattoo versions. Just imagine the possibilities.



Motorola (owned by Google) is still waiting to release these wearable tattoos but financial backers are coming around because of the amazing potential for so many possibilities in a tiny, temporary tattoo. Perhaps that’s what is so alarming—all the amazing possibilities and no one overly concerned about who might really be controlling the tattoo and the person wearing it.