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Say the name Winans and instantly you are revisiting days of great gospel music. Now, as 3WB, Three Winans Brothers, these remarkable artists come together as a trio for the first time ever, blending their countless gifts into an astonishing, powerful, and passionate new vehicle for contemporary inspirational music.

Pastor Marvin L. Winans is the founder and pastor of Perfecting Church, one of Detroit, Michigan’s foremost congregations and a growing ministry family that extends far beyond its active local campus. Raised in a household of faith by his parents, David and Delores Winans, Pastor Winans received the Gospel message at an early age and preached his first sermon at the age of 18; the first-fruit of a ministry calling he accepted in 1970 during a 150-day revival led by Mother Estella Boyd, whom God used to lay hands on him and give him a vision for a future life in ministry.Recently the brothers sat down to give an insight to why they chose to do their new album ‘Foreign Land’.

Marvin Winans took a few moments out of his schedule  to chat with us about  music family and more!

E8: Why did you choose now to do this album?

Marvin: If not now when? I think this was God’s timing. It wasn’t anything that we planned. Bebe called and we talked and it just sounded so simple. It was right. It just felt right.

E8: What is your favorite song from this new album?

Marvin: That’s hard one, but I would have to say there’s one song that is driving me. “I Miss You”.  Music comes from a place that touches you. Gospel will never go away because it reaches everyone in a space that longs to hear those things

E8: has been your life long lesson that you wish to pass on?

Marvin: Do not be afraid. Do not live in fear.

E8: The single ‘Move In Me’ Is inspiring tell us a little about how it came to be.

Marvin: The song was written 15 maybe 16 years ago. When you understand song writing, you know good songs don’t spoil. Originally I tried to  give it to Cece.

E8: What has it been like working with your brothers?

Marvin: I know it’s been a dream come true. I am so proud of my brothers It was a lot of fun being in the studio together.  We really enjoyed the process and the time together.

The new album is going to change lives! Make sure that you check out the fun video here!

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