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Bestselling author and pastor of Lakewood Church in Texas has done something that has created positive shock waves across the universe. After developing a friendship with Bishop T.D. Jakes, he invited the Bishop to take the pulpit for the morning.

This unique passing of the message isn’t something you might think about when it comes to meg-pastors in the church business. Only a handful ever consider bridging the gap, per se and allow others to come in as guest speakers. Usually the business of preaching on Sunday morning comes from such a strict focus that an opportunity like this is barely available to anyone who isn’t from the same church in a more lineage way.

Being that Osteen met Jakes in a walk around for reviewing the church for a men’s conference, the bond grew into a friendship of two people who have the task of leading thousands (actually millions if you count the people who watch on television.)

So what does this partnership hold in the future? Well, Joel Osteen is going to be preaching at Bishop T.D. Jakes house of worship and the two may find themselves in partnership with other projects in the future. As for the big picture, it is a stark reminder that friends can be found everywhere. Just as soon as we go over and introduce ourselves.