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Community Clovia has been blessed with some of the most interesting interviews in her career from President Barack ObamaSocial Activist Julian Bond, Activist Dick Gregory, Senator George Allen, Governor Bob McDonnell, Entertainer Bill Cosby, Secretary of State John Kerry, to the First African American governor in the United States of America L. Douglas Wilder. One thing for sure is, these former and present elected officials believe in the power of the VOTE.

During my interview with Governor Wilder he expressed the importance of getting the right candidate to hold public office. He said, US Senator Mark Warner is a good man and worked on his campaign to get him elected as the first African American governor. In turn, Wilder worked on Warner’s campaign to get him elected into the US Senate as the democrat representing Virginia. PLAY AUDIO here……

Governor Wilder supports US Senator Mark Warner for re-election into the senate. Election Day is Tuesday, November 4, 2014. Check your voter status, poll location, candidate list, constitutional amendment that needs to be voted on and the acceptable forms of identification required for voting next Tuesday. Please visit the Virginia Department of Elections.

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