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First Lady Michelle Obama joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” for an exclusive interview to discuss this year’s midterm elections and why it is important for you to get to the polls on election day.

When talking about tomorrow’s elections, Mrs. Obama said, “… the midterm elections are so important to a president’s ability to move his agenda because essentially if you think about it, midterm elections are when the country gets to determine the nature and the composition of the team that the President has to work with and that is Congress, the governors throughout the states. This is essentially the President’s team and what his team looks like will determine how successful he will be on passing his agenda.”

Mrs. Obama also made the idea of voting during midterm elections a personal matter for voters by saying, “… this is not about Barack, not about the person on the ballot, it’s about you.” She also explained the midterm elections are just as important if not more important than the presidential race because “every single race around the country is going to be tight and its neck and neck. So the margins of difference could be as small as four or five votes per precinct.”

The First Lady went on to say your vote can make the difference in your child having access to early child hood education and the difference in your state raising minimum wage, “…  that’s why we’ve been pushing so hard to make sure people are paying attention to these midterms.”

Listen to First Lady Michelle Obama’s exclusive “NewsOne Now” interview below and make sure you get out and vote on election day.

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