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by Sheilah Belle

Richmond, VA — Timing is everything!  Ask anyone that question, who attended the last “Fire on Friday” (November 14, 2014) service at St. Paul’s Baptist Church, Richmond, VA, where Dr. Lance D. Watson is the pastor.

The special guest speaker for the evening was the controversial, outspoken Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant of Empowerment Temple AME., in Baltimore, MD.

Fresh back from Ferguson, Missouri, where the nation continues to await a jury decision on whether or not the police officer, Darren Wilson, will be indicted on the shooting death of Michael Brown, Pastor Bryant gave the congregation some apparent new information that had not been shared by too many other media outlets.

While most of the nation and those attending “Fire on Friday” were aware that Brown, 18, and unarmed, was stopped by Officer Wilson for walking in the middle of the street, and was later fatally shot six times, here are a few things that many were not aware of.

During his Friday night sermon, as he preached from the book of Genesis 30: 31-33, Pastor Bryant titled his sermon, “You Missed a Spot!”  It was powerful as he talked about short comings in our individual lives but how we are still standing.   Then without missing a beat, he tied in Ferguson, Missouri’s current situation with additional information involving the death of 18 year old Michael Brown, who was gunned down just 700 feet from his grandmothers house.

Pastor Bryant said that “The first four gunshots that hit Brown were in his right arm, the 5th gun shot went into his left eye and the final bullet hit Brown in the top of his head.”  He also added that all of the bullets entered Brown “through the front of his body which also meant that he was not running and that his hands were raised, as many witnesses had stated.”

Interestingly, he also stated that the crime scene had discovered the shells of ten bullets, not six, which indicated that Officer Wilson did not have not have good aim.

Additionally, Pastor Bryant stated the doctor who performed the autopsy on Michael Brown was the same Doctor who performed the autopsy on President Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Either way, regardless of how you look at this case, if Officer Wilson is not indicted for a criminal act, many will ask, “Where is the Justice?”  Additionally, reports say that if Officer Wilson is not indicted he will return to work, on the streets of Ferguson.

Bottom line, YES THIS IS THE CASE that has awaken the conscience of America and YES WE NEED TO PRAY!

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