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Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama and G.K. Butterfield, Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to share their views as well as opinions Obama’s State of the Union Address.

Jarrett told Martin, “Many of those nay sayers in Washington D.C. said that the policies the President put in place over the last six years wouldn’t work either. They said that the deficit would grow out of control, well we’ve cut it by two-thirds. They said don’t invest in the automobile industry, Detroit is dead, well look Detroit is coming back and so is the automobile industry. They said those rules of the road would stifle the economy, well no actually it’s kept taxpayers from ever having to bailout the banks again.”

“So time and time again the policies the president put in place have worked. Now millions of Americans have healthcare and the cost of healthcare is going up at the slowest rate in a very long time. People have insurance who never had insurance before and so the nay sayers in D.C. have been proven wrong time and time again,” said Jarrett.


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G.K. Butterfiled, Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus shared his thoughts on Mr. Obama’s State of the Union Address saying, “The economy is on the rebound we are not in a recession anymore. We’re not in the crisis that we were in six years ago on day one of the Obama Administration. 11 million jobs were created, we have now stabilized this economy and now we need to determine who we are as a nation, what programs we want to invest in so that we can create jobs for the middle class and for those that are underemployed.”

Rep. Butterfiled also stated, “The takeaway from his (Pres. Obama) speech is let’s legislate or let’s fight. And he prefers to legislate but, if he must, he will use the power of the veto.”

Watch Martin, Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama and G.K. Butterfield, Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus discuss last night’s State of the Union Address in the video clip above.

Did Pres. Obama addressed all of the issues that matter to you?

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