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Truly, LIFE is unpredictable. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Some of us are pushing through the best we know how and some of us are tired of pushing. But HEAR ME… If you feel you have no one in your corner to cheer you on or to simply say words of encouragement to you… PLEASE Know that, YOU are not alone, NEVER never alone! God is with you and SO am I. I Love you and there’s not one thing you can do about! SO PLEASE keep on pushing to achieve that dream! Keep on pushing to be the Best! Keep on pushing because one day you will meet your goal! Keep on Pushing, because God is not finished with you yet! Keep on pushing, because GREATER is He in You, than He who is in the World! KEEP ON PUSHING, BECAUSE Y O U A R E N E E D E D! So stop evening THINKING about giving up! God is counting on you and the thousands of people you need to touch with your ministry are waiting on too! So PRESS! ~~

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