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TBR — New York, NY — Up and Coming Indie Author Evangelist CaLisha White, releases her second book “A Saint With a Past” a fresh new spiritual book revealing her astonishing breakthrough from a past that no child should have to bear, and atrocities endured throughout her adulthood that no women should have to overcome, but only by the Grace of a loving God could a life exposed to such a vicious cycle of child molestation, rape, neglect, domestic violence, sickness, and heart ache be transformed into a life of purpose that gives you a reason to hold your head up high as a true survivor defying the odds.

Evangelist White lived that life and today shares some of her personal testimonies in this book with the hope that millions of Saints and others who struggle with understanding why bad things happen to good people, can overcome the shame of their past and find through God the deliverance needed to know what it really is to be healed and liberated from a traumatic past of pain to enjoy a healthy and productive life.

A Saint with a Past includes a heartfelt account of what medicine and medical treatment did not do, but what faith in God alone can do through a 12 step process of being healed from sexual abuse that Evangelist White now wants to share with hurting woman all over the world to help avoid bouts of depression; post-traumatic stress disorder; alcohol and drug abuse; and thoughts of suicide when trying to find a reason to live with dignity after being a victim of sexual assault.

Many women personally blessed by Evangelist White’s ministry as a life coach, motivational speaker, and virtuous women teacher, expressed great enthusiasm for the release of this book knowing the impact it will have on so many women of all ages and classes who struggle daily living behind the shadows of similar experiences within their past not knowing where to turn.

“This by far is a must read book. I could not stop crying as this book ministered to me. It was able to speak to areas in my life that I kept quiet from others. This book will leave you with a direction of hope. It is raw, but not attention seeking. It is very sad, but the sadness is shared with a purpose. I am forever grateful that God allowed our paths to cross as Pre-K Teachers. This book was truly a benediction to my soul.” – Debbie Oblitas

What is fascinating about Evangelist White and makes her a true advocate for what God can do is that behind the beautiful smile of the 38 year old, you will never connect the past she lived yesterday with the life she lives today unless she shares her story. You would never know that she also is a survivor of stage 3 cervical cancer among the many things she survived. To learn more about Evangelist White please feel free to visit her website:

You can purchase your copy of “A Saint with a Past” today at or

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