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It’s almost noon and the only thing that’s on your mind is where you are going to go for lunch.  Seriously, ANYTHING to get out of the office for an hour! But rather than emptying your wallet and filling yourself up with unnecessary calories, pack yourself a lunch and pick a pretty spot in the park to eat.  This way you’re saving money, eating well, and enjoying beautiful scenery while doing so.

When I first started working, the idea of packing myself a lunch seemed like the ultimate loser move.  After eating out for every lunch everyday for a while, however, I realized that going out to eat isn’t always the best idea.  Not only do I find myself overeating and ready for a nap at 1pm, but the cost really adds up.  I’d much rather spend that cash grabbing dinner and drinks with my girls after work. So what do you say? Give the old brown bag another try and see if you can pack something delicious, healthy, and energizing!

The problem is, the classic peanut butter and jelly can really get old after a while.  And you can only rotate between strawberry jelly and grape jelly for so long.  Solution? Switch it up with some turkey! Throw in your favorite veggies and use your favorite bread.  Make your homemade sandwich deli status by spending the money to buy good ingredients on Sunday and having them last for the whole week.

Something else I’ve noticed that keeps me going during the work day is having something to snack on.  After going through chips, chocolate, and cupcakes, I’ve settled on something that is delicious, healthy, and keeps me going.  Veggies with any type of dip is always delicious.  I personally love hummus, but I see plenty of people smiling as they crunch away on carrots and ranch.  So try it out: pick a dip that suits you and the possibilities are endless. Not a veggie person? Go with the fruit.  There’s nothing more refreshing than biting into fresh fruit just when you thought you were going to pass out at your desk. Add some yogurt to the mix and you have yourself a homemade parfait.

What are some of your favorites to pack for lunch? What are some healthy and cheap options for when you decide to go out for lunch?

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