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Sheryl Underwood sat down with Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now” for an exclusive interview covering HBCUs, CBS’s “The Talk” and Republican politics.

Underwood, who also hosts “The Sheryl Underwood Radio Show,“— a four hour broadcast devoted to entertainment, relationships, sports and other hot topics — is a long time Republican. She told Martin, “I think there needs to be people like me in the party to go … who the f*** voted on this? We ’bout to lose again.”

Underwood highlighted African Americans were Republicans before aligning with Democrats and understands why many Blacks are Democrats. She also  questioned why there are not more Black Republicans in the public eye.


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Despite Sen. Tim Scott from South Carolina and Rep. Mia Love out of Utah, Underwood said Republicans “need to have people that other people know and have worked their way up in the party.”

She continued, “What happens is they either get close to this Tea Party faction and I’m not saying you can’t be involved in the Tea Party, but if I’m going to be in the Tea Party, I’m going to be on the damn that side of the Tea Party.”

“The Talk” co-host then joked with Martin saying, “Black people love tea. We just like sweat tea with ice in it.”

She added, “We’ve let a certain faction take over the Grand Ole Party. That is not what the Republican party was about. And even when Ronald Reagan was doing the things he was doing. Bush one and two were doing the things they were doing, there was always a Senator Brooke that was like, hey what are you talking about. There was an Author Fletcher to tell Nixon, hey you need to do something to affirm the ability to compete with everybody else.”

Check out Roland Martin’s exclusive interview with “The Talk’s” Sheryl Underwood in the video clip above and tune in Wednesday to see part two of Underwood’s exclusive sit down with Roland Martin.

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