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For many of us Lent is nearing the finish line. We are exactly two weeks away from celebrating the Resurrection.

It is usually at this time in the 40 days of sacrifice that you begin to wonder  what it was that you needed to do  to strengthen your spiritual voyage or if you are still the prodigal son out in the fields having a great time. It is usually patience that wears thin. Lent is supposed to be a time in which we contemplate and attempt to get a deeper meaning out of our life and those around us.

That is the hallmark of Lent really. We live in a world that lacks any kind of patience. Everything is a rush. We communicate to the person next to us via Instant Messaging. Drivers on the road are prone to road rage because you did not take off the instant that the light turned green. The person in line behind you at the grocery is sucking in air because the clerk is not moving the line faster. The gentleman standing next to you waiting on the elevator is desperately pushing the button on the wall in hopes that the elevator doors will open. All these things are the immediate result of the lack of patience and social engagement.

Here are a few things to try today:

1-     Walk over and talk to your coworker. I am sure that he or she would like to actually hear a full thought out sentence than just a quick abbreviated instant message.

2-     Instead of eating lunch at your desk, go eat lunch with other people. It is actually nice to be able to have a conversation that is not rushed.

3-     Pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t spoke to in a long time with the only intention of catching up

4-     Practice living out a spiritual or scripture reading in real time today.

We need to begin the walk and extend the forty days of Lent into our every day living.  It is not a time to turn inward, rather we should turn outward. It is these things that Lent should help us foster and work on.

Everything is not a race to the finish line. We will all be there in a grave soon enough.

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