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I turned my show over to the residents, business owners and parents of Baltimore. Check out their thoughts on the climate in the City:

  • I am honestly sick to my stomach ….what I saw today .. From these teens… Makes me sick… They rally in all the wrong ways… They seem to be passionate about stealing and taunting anyone at this time… Not just police… If they were as passionate about their education … We would have future doctors in lawyers… But what I see today … Is selfish youth … Using a death of a young male as their calling card for violence…. And disruption … Pure sadness…
  • this display of displaced anger is really dangerous and very disturbing. We still have to LIVE IN BALTIMORE, the same stores you’re looting today, you will have to patronize tomorrow. I live in the area they have destroyed and it’s sad. Much PRAYER is needed.
  • Can’t put it all on the teens, I’m seeing grown folk, elderly folk out as well looting. It’s all so sad as a whole… My city that I love is falling…..
  • I am reminded of the water hoses and dogs when I had to run for cover when Martin was murdered,,,,I understand but I don’t comprehend,,,,it’s not about Freddie anymore,,,
  • So many thoughts….This is crazy. Lack of leadership in the city is evident. Trying to strategize tonight ? A day late and a dollar short…where are the parents of these kids?
  • I feel so upset this is not the answer they are destroying our community this is not going to bring justice. Come on now get it together this is so wrong on so many levels. Praying for Baltimore.
  • I’m praying for you all in Baltimore.. i watched the coverage on the news my heart hurts .. i wished it was peaceful protest.. i understand the anger and frustration but destroying things wont serve any justice.. the city should have been prepare indefinitely no excuses..
  • I am embarrassed. I cannot believe what i am seeing and hearing. Where are the parents? I saw one parent go get her child. We failed our children somewhere and we need to figure out where we went wrong and fix it.
  • Frankly, I’m sick to my stomach and scared to go anywhere.
  • Sad sad day in Baltimore. Freddie Gray’s legacy will be associated with violent actions and disorder rather than the memory of his life.

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