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Councilman Charles Stokes from Baltimore’s 12th District appeared during the NewsOne Now, State of Emergency: Baltimore and Beyond Town Hall Meeting to discuss what local politicians and the people of Baltimore can do to force systemic change.

Stokes believes that even with “good policing that the hurt and anger and the disinterest” in the people of Baltimore will not change.

Stokes told Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, “We have a Black mayor, we have a majority Black [city] council, which I serve on.” He continued, “We have Black leadership in state government, but those communities have poor schools, they don’t have a grocery store, they don’t have investment in that community.”

According to Councilman Stokes, “the larger, richer communities” get money from the poorer communes.

“So let’s not build this expectation among Black communities that when we fix policing — because the greater problem is not a policing problem.”

Watch the video clip above to see what else Baltimore Councilman Charles Stokes had to say.

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