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Good morning Beauties!

Here are all the top news headlines you need to know about on your Monday morning. You’re welcome.

1. Higher Paying Jobs Are On the Rise in US Economy

There’s now a significant uptick in high-quality jobs, according to the Labor Department. 223,000 new jobs have been added in the professional/business services, construction and healthcare industries according to a report released on Friday. Simultaneously, the US unemployment rate is at a seven year low of 5.4%. Woohoo!

Read the full story here at USA Today and Newsweek.

2. Abortion Access Increasingly Difficult for Women in US

An onslaught of new bills that add new requirements to the abortion process and delay women’s access to the procedure are being passed in Republican controlled-states. Oklahoma, Florida, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, Kansas and Wisconsin are among the states that have enacted new stipulations like extended waiting periods for ultrasounds and abortions as well as required consent forms from parents.

Read the full story here at the New York Times.

3. Liberia is Now Ebola-Free! 

After months of horror stories of Liberia being overcome by the ebola crisis, the country has now been declared free of the disease! This announcement comes after 42 days without any new reported cases, a time period that is twice the ultimate incubation period according to the World Health Organization.

Read the full story here at the Huffington Post.

4. Black Lives Matter Protestors Gathered This Weekend For ‘Million Moms March’

This Mother’s Day weekend was more than just brunches, cards and flower bouquets for a group of activists and mourning moms. Marchers gathered this Saturday in D.C. to protest police brutality and the resulting deaths of young black people like Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice. The march was organized by Mothers for Justice United. Meanwhile, the US is currently under review at the UN’s Human Right’s Council for human rights violations in excessive use of police force, the death penalty and Internet surveillance.

Read the full story here at NPR and the Huffington Post.

5. Subway Worker Loses Her Job For Comments on Slain Police Officers

I bet Sierra Mccurdy is wishing she held her tongue right about now. After venting about the deaths two Mississippi police officers on Facebook, Mccrudy lost her job at a Subway sandwich shop. Mccurdy offended others by airing views that appeared to support their murders and was promptly let go.

Read the full story here at the Root.


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