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By Esih Efuru

It is the eye of the storm that is most horrific. It is also in the eye of the storm that God’s voice rings the loudest. It the storm that produces life’s most amazing miracles. A storm not only ceases over time, it also leaves behind the essence of matter, those things that are built to last. The storm and all of its rage is also where we must watch and see God’s work at its best.

Our local region, and our nation and world are all reeling from the recent tragedy in South Carolina. The senseless murder of nine worshippers in their bible study has gripped the heart of us all. We hurt with the victims’ families. We want answers. We demand justice. We want to hear God speak and see God move. We want the storm to end. Our sad reality is that the current storm is one of many, and there are more to come, as our world struggles to find its way back to unconditional love and acceptance.

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When tragedy strikes, it is most often difficult to fathom. In our angst, we want God to explain the logic. We expect to receive explanations in real time, and in our language. Fortunately, for us, God does not operate in the human realm, nor does she speak through our tongues. We are left to wait, let time pass and see how things turn out. If we look closely, we will see that in time, God answers our cries, and rewards our prayers. If we take a moment to pause, look around our world and examine its current battles for peace, we will see that faith guarantees us a better day.

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