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Waller County officials have released new video of Sandra Bland, which reveals far more than was previously seen of her time in the jail where she mysteriously lost her life. While there have been two videos that have been issued to the public thus far, the newest video connects the timeline in between her initial encounter with State Trooper Brian Encinia and her tragic passing.

The hours of unedited footage was released earlier Tuesday by Waller County Judge Trey Duhon, partly in an effort to quell rumors of video tampering and any foul play. Judge Duhon said that officials in the county have endured death threats against them and any related facilities, which was partly related to chatter that Bland was already dead before she arrived at the jail.


“This video has not been altered or doctors in any way these are the raw files,” said Duhon. “it is important that we release this information because we have received death threats against Waller County officials. We have received threats against our facilities. And this is based on this notion that Sandra Bland was dead before she was even brought to the Waller County jail.”

The video shows Bland being led into the jail by a Prairie View police officer. She is wearing a sundress, matching what she wore during the traffic stop. Later on, the video shows Bland changing from street clothes to an orange jail uniform. The video then shows Bland going through the booking process, which includes having her mug shots taken, all visible on the video.

According to nearly every published report, the released video encompasses the three days that Bland was held behind jail up until her body was discovered on the morning of July 13.

Judge Duhon was ultimately moved to release the video after the hacker group Anonymous issued a seven-minute video threatening to expose Waller County officials.



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