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Trevor Noah is aware of the big shoes he has to fill this fall as he takes over as host of The Daily Show.

During the Television Critics Association press tour this week, Noah talked to reporters about the pressure, why he wants to interview Donald Trump, and the overall tone he’ll bring to the comedic news show.

Noah performed stand up and sat before a panel of critics and reporters during the press tour, Mashable reports. Coming off confident about replacing Jon Stewart, Noah says he’s glad they’re so different.

“The biggest pressure for me is living up to the expectations that Jon has of me,” he said. “Jon believes in me. There’s an immense pressure to keep the flagship going. It’s about the show first. I understand the comparisons. I understand people will initially go, ‘This guy’s not Jon Stewart.’ And I’m glad I’m not. That would be a disservice to him.”

In addition to Stewart’s co-sign, he’s earned the respect of veteran comedians like Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, and Larry David. Noah, a native of South Africa, says that commenting on U.S. news and politics will be a fun experience for him and the audience. As he debuts right before the 2016 presidential election, Noah is prepared to share his unique perspective on politics and American culture.

“That’s the point of The Daily Show — to have a voice,” he said. “It started off as fake news that really mocked what the news was doing. In essence, over time, it became commentary on how the news was being covered. So the show won’t lose that; the only difference is now you have a slightly different perspective. And I have to give credit to someone like John Oliver, who showed it is possible because maybe before that nobody would have thought there was a chance that that could happen — for an outsider to come in … I face the same problems. I have the same pot holes, I have the same traffic, I have some of the same fears around police men. So you start to learn we have more in common. Where you come from becomes less relevant.”

One of the first guests he’d like to have on the show is the infamous Trump. The provocative presidential candidate has come under fire for allegedly paying actors to support his campaign and his disparaging comments about Mexican immigrants.

“I’d love to have [Donald Trump] on,” he said. “I’d love to talk to him about his views, I’d like to know if he’s being 100% serious, I’d love to know if he’s trying to be controversial, I’d like to know about the things behind what he’s saying. I’d love to talk to the man. That’d be a very interesting conversation.”

Jon Stewart’s last show will be Aug. 6. Noah says he and producers are working on the details of his first appearance.



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