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Now we honor the dead, recall the pain and hope for the future. We can continue their legacy by serving. I challenge you to serve on this day.

The true spirit of September 11, 2001 is love.  God Bless America and may the lost souls rest in peace.

The truth is, I, like my city that I love has a scar across its heart. It’s a scar that I can’t erase. It’s a scar that was healed by love, but is visible and still tender to touch. I learned so much about love. I had a friend who walked the streets with strangers. He took one woman to hospital after hospital in search of her husband. Unfortunately, the inevitable was revealed. I had a sorority sister whose father was lost in that building. I think of him often. I hear him sing Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’ in my mind’s eye. It’s the story of love that helped us bind together in brotherhood. My city was a family that day. Yes, I wish and pray it had never happened. It was what made me leave Young Adult Ministry. I could not carry anymore sadness or bare another funeral.  Yet, it was love that  made us pray for hours.

Use today for the rest of your life as a day of love and service. Be kind to one another today. For as the saying goes tomorrow is not promised and you are a mark of love to the world.

God Bless- Oretha Winston Lead Editor


How To Get Involved  and Serve: Red Cross and Peace Corp.

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