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Carly Fiorina says she’s “very satisfied” with her performance in last night’s second Republican debate for the 2016 presidential elections. She has good reason to be; whether you support her or not, the presidential hopeful impressed onlookers by dominating the first (and most important) hour of the debate by clapping back at Donald Trump for his ridiculous comments shaming her for her appearance by pointing out Trump’s history of building his empire on debt.

Fiorina also got in her strongest critiques of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton while musing on her issues with Planned Parenthood in light of the controversial videos that were released, accusing the organization of illegally selling fetal tissue. Fiorina isn’t immune to critique however; she’s already being shut down by fact-checkers who are picking apart what’s really fact versus fiction in her statements from last night. But it’s very likely that her approval ratings will go up after putting such a strong effort to get her voice heard.

Other candidates, however, stayed spewing bullshit and putting out smoke and mirrors to entertain viewers. Donald Trump kicked off the debate by clowning yet another candidate for his looks, Rand Paul, but Trump got really quiet when the hardest, most pressing issues like foreign policy were brought to the table. Meanwhile Rick Santorum made bogus claims like comparing Kim Davis to a victim of the Columbine massacre and Jeb Bush fought to make his way into the conversation, using his brother’s legacy as an entryway for his own platform. See all the hijinks for yourself in the full video of last night’s debate above.

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