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Two Richmond employees rescued a man after he fell into the chilly Swan Lake at Byrd Park, authorities said.

The man, who was not identified, was using a walker to walk around the lake for exercise shortly after noon today when the walker “tipped” and he fell into about 3 feet of water, said Richmond fire Lt. Shawn L. Jones.

Two employees of the Department of Public Works were passing by in a dump truck when they saw the man signaling for help from the water, Jones said. The employees, identified only as a man and woman, pulled the man from the water.

Part of the lake has turned to ice, Jones said, but not the part where the man fell in.

The man was taken into an ambulance to warm him up, and relatives brought him dry clothes, Jones said. The man refused to be taken to a hospital and was believed to be OK.

“He was just cold,” Jones said.

— Reed Williams