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An Alabama congressman who endorsed Ted Cruz for president launched several racist jabs at President Barack Obama this week by deeming him the most “racially divisive president since slavery.”

Think Progress reports Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) made his comments on the Dale Jackson Show Thursday. Brooks, who in the past joked about shooting undocumented immigrants, explained his comment by supporting past presidents who have endorsed slavery, noting they aren’t worse than the nation’s first Black president.

Think Progress reports:

“There probably has not been a more racially-divisive, economic-divisive, president in the White House since we had presidents who supported slavery,”  Brooks said during a radio interview on the Dale Jackson Show. “We did have presidents in the first 80 to 100 years of our country that supported slavery,” the Alabama Republican said. “You cannot say Barack Obama was worse than them.”

Race has remained a problematic factor in Obama’s presidency. Over the years, several politicians and even a U.S. District Judge have been the culprits of racist emails about the president. In 2012, Marilyn Davenport, an elected member of the Orange County Republican Party, forwarded an email with Obama’s face photoshopped on a monkey. U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull also sent out a racist email the same year with a joke about Obama’s mother.

Leaked Sony emails from 2014 also suggested Obama’s favorite movies were Django, 12 Years A Slave and Think Like A Man — films that featured a cast of majority Black actors or focused on slavery.

Obama has become more vocal against racial disparities in the wake of the Charleston shooting, his continued efforts in criminal justice reform and his latest program called Pay It Forward, designed to mentor inner city youth.

SOURCE: Think Progress | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform, Audio Boom


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