5. Austin is known for having the best food at their food trucks. Stop and grab a bite at Chi’lantro, East Side King, or head to South Congress for a ton to pick from. 

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4. A lot of your favorite artists will perform at different venues at the same time. Most performers at SXSW do multiple shows throughout the week so look at different lineups to catch them at another venue. 

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3. If you’re at a hot venue (Fader, Illmore, Spotify, etc.) don’t leave! Once you go out there’s no getting back in without waiting in line. If the lineup is solid just stick it out there for the entire showcase because later in the day/night you may not get in once spots fill.

2. SXSW is well-known for the dopest surprise guest performances. Huge headliners show up last minute and hop onstage with another artists they affiliate with. 

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1. The most basic key to success, go to different sh*t and get lit. Enjoy your SXSW.

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