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We’ve all seen it before.

As respectable as it is to lend your time for volunteer work, there’s always people who appear to be doing it for the ‘Gram rather than for the people. In parody of this, two 20-somethings have created “Barbie Savior” – a hilarious account that uses Barbie to mock insincere volunteer selfies in Africa.

Mashable reports:

@barbiesavior is a 20-year-old service volunteer in Africa, documenting her journey to save children through self-serving selfies. The anonymous creators started the satirical account as a way to make fun of their own experiences. 

Above all, Barbie Savior lampoons the “white savior complex,” a term used to describe white Westerners who travel abroad to swoop in and “save” impoverished people of color in developing countries.

The account takes notice of those volunteers who go out of their way to post selfies with children they don’t know, as well as the tendency to overestimate the impact of their work.

Check out a few of @barbiesavior’s images below.

This is pretty great and unfortunately, accurate.

SOURCE: Mashable | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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