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fentanyl deadly drug more potent than heroin, morhpine

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People are hurting and medicating on deadly drugs. Painkillers were concocted to ease bodily pain and not make you mentally high. Right? Yes, painkillers block pain but produces a high. The word on the streets is prescription drugs are “easy” to get and can make you high for hours.

What can be done to help those in the throes of addiction? First, we have to learn about the top painkillers and the potency or effects on the body. I stumbled across this website called Foundation For A Drug-Free World, Find Out The Truth About Drugs. On this website, I am learning about why painkillers are so addictive, warning signs of prescription painkiller dependency, the history of painkillers and other drugs.

One more thing, I had been reading about the deadly effects of Fentanyl. It is a prescription painkiller that is being misused or disguised as other painkillers. It can be lethal. It is 100 times more potent than morphine and 50 times more potent than heroin. Watch!

There is help available through the McShin Foundation and Community Service Boards.

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