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Source: The Belle Report / Sheilah Belle

So just how many movies and TV shows do we have to watch before we can start seeing more of an increase of movies showing the success of the Black man and Black woman in positive movie and TV roles.

There are JUST TOO many movies that depict people of color in a negative light and constantly fighting to survive …12 Years a Slave, The remake of Roots, the white man beating the Black man…and the list goes on.  Additionally, it appears that the audiences these movies are being made for are for people of color, thus continuing to line the pockets of the producers of these movies, who are making money off of the history of the Blood, Sweat and Tears of Blacks and the history of Blacks.

TRUE, may we never forget our history, but can we start reinforcing the positive roles of African Americans and how we do win in many areas of LIFE and don’t have to look a FOOL to do so?!

Young Black kids need to see more positive role models and TV shows, that lets them know everyone of color on TV is not cursing, drinking and getting drunk, stealing, going to jail, doing drugs and sleeping around.

If Black Lives Matter, lets show how they not only Matter, but how they are making a Difference!

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