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Comedian Bill Cosby’s health is on the decline. According to reports, Cosby is now “completely blind” and homebound with only his wife, Camille, by his side. Cosby, who fell from grace after getting caught up in a sex scandal, has been battling a deteriorating eye disorder called keratoconus. “His alleged victims may take some solace in the fact that he’s in his own personal hell. He has been suffering from a degenerative eye disease and is completely blind . . . All his Hollywood friends have turned their backs on him,” said a source. “He is confined to his house in Pennsylvania, and the only person on his side is his wife, Camille, who is masterminding his defense. His only friends are the small army of lawyers on his payroll.” Several women have come forward accusing Cosby of sexual assault. This month, a judge decided the comedian will stand trial on all of the assault charges brought against him. If Cosby is convicted, he could face up to 10 years behind bars. Read more.

Leslie Jones’ Cyberbully Permanently Banned from Twitter

After actress Leslie Jones was hit with a slew of racist tweets, one of her cyber bullies has been permanently removed from Twitter. The company suspended the account of writer Milo Yiannopoulos after he told other users to harass Leslie on Twitter. “People should be able to express diverse opinions and beliefs on Twitter,” said a Twitter spokesperson in a statement. “But no one deserves to be subjected to targeted abuse online, and our rules prohibit inciting or engaging in the targeted abuse or harassment of others.” Yiannopoulos, who is a tech editor at Breitbart, has had his account suspended several times before for his outlandish tweets. Twitter said his permanent suspension was more so about abusing another user than the statements that were made against Leslie. Yiannopoulos is unhappy with the company’s decision. “They made a very dumb decision right before I had the eyes of the world media on me. I think they’re going to come to regret it,” he said in a statement. “Anyone who believes in free speech was sent a very powerful message today, which is that you’re not welcome on Twitter.” The Ghostbusters actress has decided to leave Twitter after the online bullying. Read more.

Bill Gates to Invest $5 Billion into Africa’s Development

Software entrepreneur Bill Gates will invest $5 billion in the growth and development of Africa over the next five years. Gates hopes the investment will create a brighter future for the youth in that region. He made his pledge during the 2016 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture at the University of Pretoria. During his speech, he shared how Nelson Mandela motivated him to launch the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “The theme of this year’s Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture is ‘living together.’ This is fitting, because in many ways ‘living together’ was also the theme of Nelson Mandela’s life,” said Gates. “I agree with Mandela about young people, and that is one reason I am optimistic about the future of this continent. Demographically, Africa is the world’s youngest continent and its youth can be the source of a special dynamism. Our duty is to invest in young people, to put in place the basic building blocks so that they can build the future. And our duty is to do it now, because the innovations of tomorrow depend on the opportunities available to children today.” Gates has already invested $9 billion into Africa. Read more.

‘Cooley High’ to be Recreated by DeVon Franklin, Common, and Tony Krantz

Cooley High, a popular Black film that made its debut in 1975, will be revived. According to reports, DeVon Franklin, Common, and Tony Krantz are teaming up with MGM to recreate the movie. The film, set in the 1960s, is centered on a group of Black high school friends who live on the South Side of Chicago and have aspirations of making it out of their environment. Although there was some comic relief, the movie addressed issues like education in ethnic communities, violence, and sexism. The original film, which was directed by Michael Schultz, was created for $750,000 and grossed $13 million. The new project will be executive produced by Drew Comins and Derek Dudley. Seth Rosenfeld will pen the script. DeVon, Common, and Tony believe that in this day and age, with heated race relations throughout our country, the film is needed. There is no word on when the project will be released. Read more.

‘Pretty Woman’ Director Garry Marshall Dead at 81

Famed film director Garry Marshall has died. According to reports, Garry suffered from pneumonia after having a stroke. The Bronx-bred director was best known for creating projects such as Runaway Bride, Pretty Woman, Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days, and Mork & Mindy. Several celebrities took to Twitter to reflect on Garry’s legacy. “GARRY MARSHALL Rest In Peace .. Thank you for my professional life. Thank you for your loyalty, friendship and generosity,” posted Happy Days actor Henry Winkler. “Making millions of us laugh on a regular basis is a life well spent. #RipGarryMarshall,” tweeted Larry King. Garry is survived by his wife, three children, six grandchildren, and two sisters. He was 81. Read more.


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