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Re-Restore, Re-Register! Miss Community Clovia and Governor Terry McAuliffe talk about his efforts to defend the rights of citizens following non violent felon offenses and restoration of rights. Play audio here..




Miss Community gives a brief summary about the restoration of rights grants for nonviolent felons, their removal from the voter polls following a Virginia Supreme Court ruling and the governor’s diligence to re-restore those rights on a case-by-case basis.

Summary 1: Following the July 22nd Supreme Court decision, the Department of Elections and Secretary of the Commonwealth (SOC) complied with the Court’s order for the Secretary of the Commonwealth to delete those individuals who had their rights restored under these orders, and the Department of Elections to cancel the voter registration of any individuals whose rights were restored on April 22nd.

Summary 2: On August 15, Governor McAuliffe approved the restoration of rights of nearly 13,000 people. There a still certain individual cases under review. The individual grant orders approved by the governor were printed with the Governor McAuliffe’s signature with the Seal of the Commonwealth and mailed out two weeks ago to those newly restored individuals.

Summary 3: For those individuals who would like to have their restored can submit a request on the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website at or simply call the SOC office at 804-692-0104 or mail-in a contact form.

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