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Philanthropist and recording artist Terrance Bell brings peace and harmony to broken communities;Introduces timely new song, Breathe, as a source of healing

TBR — On October 1, 2016, recording artist and philanthropist, Terrance Bell will embark on the “God My Hero” (GMH) 10-city initiative in the wake of the disastrous floods in Baton Rouge, and the senseless shootings and deaths across the nation.

““The God My Hero Movement started out as a result of the overwhelming interest and requests for my GMH product,” says Bell. “When individuals see the scripture on clothing items branded with God My Hero (Psalm 62:1-2—Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken), they instantly gravitate to what this really means and the message about God being our ultimate and supreme Hero.”

He goes on to say, “With black Americans being killed by cops, cop killings, corrupted politics, the overwhelming growing population of crime and on going killings in minority neighborhoods, it is imperative that people realize the significance of turning to God and not relying on man.”

Bell will introduce his timely song ‘Breathe, ’A song that came to him a few years ago when the senseless shootings and brutality used by rogue police officers, took the life (breath) of innocent humans. More specifically, the senseless murder of Eric Garner by a New York City police officer, by putting him in a choke hold (which caused him to have breathing complications) and commenced in pushing his face into the ground while Garner cried out, ‘I Can’t Breathe’. “That made me instantly think about how all people are created,” he says. “God blew in us the breath of life and because of His breath we are able to breathe and live. Since God is the only One who gives us life, only He can take it away.”

Baton Rouge is one of the cities where people fled after Hurricane Katrina, and, ironically, where many stayed, thinking they were finally out of harm’s way. Bell’s hope is that people will come together in harmony while making God and God’s will for us all—the most important factor in life.

“I want to aid in the reemergence of God (faith) in our family, schools, courts, friendships, communities and society. To make God truly relative in our lives,” explains Bell.

GMH will travel to Dallas, Baton Rouge, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Houston, New Orleans and other cities that are heavily populated with violence and drug addiction.

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