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Steve Bannon has been named as President-Elect Donald Trump’s senior counselor and Chief Strategist. Before joining Trump’s presidential campaign, Bannon ran Breitbart News, a far right wing media website that promotes fringe conspiracy theories, bigotry and is a promoter of alt-right ideology.

He is also credited with getting Trump to use the inflammatory rhetoric  that helped him win the 2016 presidential election in an upset over Hillary Clinton.

Roland Martin said on Monday morning’s edition of NewsOne Now, “Bannon for many is one of the leaders of this so-called Alt-Right.” 

Martin as well as many others consider the Alt-Right moniker to be an alternative name for White supremacist and White nationalists.

Dr. Wilmer Leon, Political Strategist and Host of SirusXM’s Inside The Issues said of Trump’s appointment of Bannon as chief strategist, “You’re judged by the company that you keep.”

He continued the selection of Bannon validates “the hyperbolic, racist, bigoted, language that Donald Trump based his campaign on.” 

Leon also stated, “These are angry White men talk about we’ve lost America — what he’s talking about is the browning of America.” Dr. Leon also took issue with Newt Gingrich’s possible appointment as Secretary of State who referred to Barack Obama as a “Mau Mau president” in 2010.

Dr. Leon continued his rebuke of Bannon being appointed to a high ranking position in Trump’s administration saying, “I don’t see how anybody can question the racist bigoted narrative.”

Spencer Overton, President of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies believes Bannon’s positioning in Trump’s White House “was a compromise in terms of putting Reince Priebus in one place and Steve Bannon in another place — so we have two factions that are in there.”

To offset Bannon’s influence Overton believes Black Republicans need to be present in Trump’s administration which is seemed to not suffice Dr. Leon’s view of a White nationalist advising the soon to be inaugurated President Of the United States.

Leon exclaimed, “This is nationalism, this is racism, this is bigotry, and it goes well beyond this country — we’re talking about how are we going to be perceived internationally?”

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the Steve Bannon being selected as Donald Trump’s Chief of Strategist in the video clip above.


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