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The four Black suspects who kidnapped, tied up and tortured a White teenager with special needs will appear in a Chicago court on Friday.

The Chicago Police Department classified their detestable acts a hate crime, while others are attempting to link the Black Lives Matter movement to the torture incident.

Roland Martin told viewers on NewsOne Now, “This has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter––these are four individuals who did something stupid, they did something heinous and evil, and they are going to have to pay for it.”

He added, “It’s amazing how (people are saying) ‘let’s blame Black Lives Matter for this.’”

AC Green, host of The AC Green Show, said, “Black Lives Matter has no responsibility, no dialogue in this other than the fact that this was an incredibly heinous crime that was committed.”

The arrest and hate crime charges filed against the four individuals involved in the torture attack have prompted a larger dialogue addressing the value of Black life. Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever, author of How Exceptional Black Women Lead, said, “One of the main theoretical thrusts around Black Lives Matter is the reality that White lives, the value of White lives, are elevated.”

She continued, “It seems like it is very easy for people to assess racism when it’s an issue where a White person is the victim … but when Black people are obvious victims of racism, even to the point of fatality, there is always this hesitation, there are always these statements around ‘let’s just get all the facts, let’s not be too quick to assess this to race.’”

Watch Roland Martin, AC Green, Avis Jones-DeWeever, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the Chicago torture attack in the video clip above.

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