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The city of Los Angeles is reportedly facing financial woes due to the pricey legal settlements it has agreed to pay out over the past few years. According to a report released by the City Administrative Office, the settlements of lawsuits brought on by individuals who were wrongfully convicted of crimes, families of those killed by police officers, and disability rights activists, equate to millions of dollars in payouts. At the end of this fiscal year, L.A. will have to shell out at least $135 million for lawsuit settlements. Budget officials say the city needs to borrow $70 million to handle the cost and avoid pulling money from its emergency reserve fund. If the city were to borrow the funds, it would have to pay costly fees and interest. Read more.

NYPD Captain Apologizes For Insensitive Date Rape Comments

An NYPD captain who found himself in hot water after making insensitive remarks about date rape cases has issued an apology. While recently addressing the spike in rapes in his precinct’s neighborhood during a 94 Precinct Community Council meeting, Captain Peter Rose said it’s not a trend he and his team were concerned about because only two of the incidents were “stranger rapes.” “They’re not total-abomination rapes where strangers are being dragged off the streets,” he said. After receiving backlash from people on social media, women’s rights advocates, and politicians, Rose apologized. “I deeply regret the statements I made last week about rape,” he wrote in a statement. “My comments were not meant to minimize the seriousness of sexual assault.” After the remarks, a petition was created calling for Rose to be fired. Read more.

Charleston Church Massacre Trial Nears An End

The closing arguments for the trial of Dylann Roof, the man responsible for the 2015 Charleston church massacre, are expected to take place on Tuesday. Following the closing arguments, the jury will deliberate and decide whether Roof will face the death penalty or be sentenced to life behind bars without parole. On Monday, Roof asked US District Judge Richard Gergel if his attorney could help him deliver his closing argument. The judge granted his request. Roof, who has been representing himself since the start of the trial’s sentencing phase, has shown no remorse for the families of the individuals he killed. Read more.

Jamie Foxx Reportedly Attacked At L.A. Restaurant

According to reports, actor Jamie Foxx was attacked inside a West Hollywood restaurant on Saturday. The incident, which occurred at Catch LA, happened after a group of individuals dining at the restaurant approached Foxx and his party and told them to quiet down. The exchange escalated from an argument to a physical altercation when the man involved in the incident allegedly charged at Foxx. Foxx took to Instagram on Monday to address the altercation. “I know y’all heard about this s–t and saw some videos. I just want to address what happened on Saturday from my perspective,” he said in a video. “Everybody’s good. 2017, we don’t want no violence. We don’t want to get hurt and we don’t want nobody hurt.” Read more.

Kim Kardashian West Robbery May Have Been An Inside Job

More details have emerged about the suspects involved in Kim Kardashian West’s Paris robbery. According to reports, the incident may have been an inside job. Amongst the 17 suspects arrested on Monday were her chauffeur and his brother. French police officials say there is a possibility her driver could have given the other suspects details about her schedule. Kardashian West has not released a statement about the arrests, but a source says she’s recovering. “Taking time off after the robbery has really changed Kim — and for the better,” said the source. “She seems to have found a much better life balance. And it seems to make her much happier.” Read more.


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