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Dating can be quite the eventful experience. From blind dates to group dates and every failed Tinder swipe in-between, dating can be fun but also pretty stressful. Fortunately for us, TV One came up with the perfect way to bring the excitement of dating into our living rooms minus the dreadful dutch or nah debate. Now, we can watch the dating successes and failures from someone else’s perspective on The Game of Dating.

Hosted by comedian Tony Rock, The Game of Dating gives viewers a front row seat to watch a random date that will either go extremely well or horribly wrong. Teams will watch a random date play out in front of their eyes and win cash guessing what the couple will do next.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, we chatted with Tony Rock about what we can expect to see this season, the hilarious and weird things that people do on a date and any advice for single men and women out there who are looking to win at the game of dating.

Check out our exclusive interview below.

HelloBeautiful: Tell us about this new show. What’s the premise behind it?

Tony Rock: You get to watch people on actual dates but what makes it a game show is that u get to bet on what will happen next for $10,000. These can be daters who have been dating or who have just met.

HB: What’s the key to the game of dating? How do you win in real life?

Tony Rock: What I’ve noticed in hosting this show is that three groups of people can watch the same date and see three totally different things. So, I think you have to know body language to win at dating. You have to know what it means when a girl is not giving you eye contact or what it means when she touches her hair or not touching you when she’s talking. You have to really study body language to be successfully at dating.

HB: What’s your idea of the perfect date?

Tony Rock: A perfect date is mystery. When you try to plan for a date to be perfect, those are just scenarios. You could have the perfect date sitting in the car. You could have the perfect date at McDonald’s. The perfect date is about the chemistry with the person and the connection with the person. Where you are doesn’t really play a factor into the date.

HB: Without giving too much away, what was the craziest thing that happened during a date on the show?

Tony Rock: There are some very bold women out there when it comes to who they’re dating. They don’t care that they’re on TV or in public. Some women are very bold.

HB: So, bold women? Turn on or turn off for you?

Tony Rock: It’s not necessarily a turn off. It’s different with women because women have been told for years that a man is supposed to come after them and chase them. But if you’re a woman and you’re comfortable in your own skin and your feel liberated and not shy about how you feel about a man or letting him know how you feel, that’s not a turn off at all. I like a girl to have a little aggression. I don’t mind a girl going after what she wants.

HB: Have you ever been in situation in real life where you watched a date crash and burn? What was your advice?

Tony Rock: I was on a double date with my cousin and I was just going to be the wing-man. He had just met a girl and I was kind of more experienced in how to plan a date. So, he said he would tell her to bring a friend so we could double date. But at the end of the date, the young lady that he brought actually wanted to date me. So it was good for me, not for him.

HB: What would your advice be to your cousin to make sure that doesn’t happen to him again?

Tony Rock: I would say that a first date should only be you instead of a double date. You should have a few plans just in case she doesn’t like what you originally came up with. Also, try and plan according to what she likes.

HB: Do you think any of the couples on the show will have a long lasting, successful relationship?

Tony Rock: Yeah, it’s maybe one or two that I think will have a future. Most of the couples I think need counseling or need to really sit down and have some serious talks.

HB: What dating advice would you give to couples on the show to have a successful relationship?

Tony Rock: You have to have a clear-cut understanding on both parts of what it is that you’re looking for. On some of the dates, the girls were farther in the relationship than the guy and vice versa. I see that all the time in real life. Like I see a lot of girls who claim someone as their man and the man is like “I’m single and I’m playing the field”. So clear communication is key.

HB: After watching the show, what’s some dating advice that you would give to single women out there?

Tony Rock: Don’t settle just because your girls have a man and you want one right now. Don’t settle because your friend group is telling you that you’ve been single for so long. Because when you settle, you end up with someone that’s just filing a void. You know your worth and what you deserve so don’t settle for anything less. That goes for guys, too. Invest in yourself.

Catch Tony Rock in “The Game of Dating” every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on TV One.


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