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The world has heard and seen little of Rachel Dolezal in the past two years after it was revealed the former activist and teacher, was masquerading as a Black woman for over 10 years.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Dolezal, 39, recounts the direction of her life after her secret was exposed in 2015–disclosing that she is currently living on food stamps and is barely making enough money to pay her rent.

Her social life has suffered and her friendships are strained, she says. “Right now the only place that I feel understood and completely accepted is with my kids and my sister,” Doleazal told The Guardian.

The Guardian writes:

“Today Dolezal is jobless, and feeding her family with food stamps. A friend helped her pay this month’s rent; next month she expects to be homeless. She has applied for more than 100 jobs, but no one will hire her, not even to stack supermarket shelves. She applied for a position at the university where she used to teach, and says she was interviewed by former colleagues who pretended to have no recollection of having met her. The only work she has been offered is reality TV, and porn. She has changed her name on all her legal documents, but is still recognised wherever she goes. People point at her and laugh.”

Dolezal’s life took a jaw-dropping dive after a local reporter in her Spokane, Washington, questioned her identity during a live news report.

In the days that followed, photos revealed Dolezal’s race and an interview with her estranged parents further solidified that Dolezal was indeed White. After the debacle, Dolezal was forced to step down as head of the Spokane NAACP branch and lost her job as a professor at Eastern Washington University.

Interestingly throughout the two-year ordeal, Dolezal maintains that she identifies as a Black woman. Her current stance comparing race identity to gender fluidity raises concerning questions in the trans community.

 “I feel like the idea of being trans-black would be much more accurate than ‘I’m white.’ Because, you know, I’m not white . . . Calling myself black feels more accurate than saying I’m white,” Dolezal said.

Doleazal plans to recount her life experiences in a memoir titled, In Full Color: Finding My Place In A Black And White World, which will be published next month.

SOURCE: The Guardian


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