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Terrance Bell

Source: The Belle Report / Terrance Bell

Richmond, VA – It was just three weeks ago, singer, songwriter, and philanthropist Terrance Bell suffered a mild heart attack while spending a beautiful afternoon with his son, Titan, and although he’s recovering successfully, his EKG continues to read abnormal.

During the 9am and 11am services at St. Paul’s Baptist Church, Bell shared his moving testimony before singing a couple of songs from his powerful CD, God My Hero.

“I have a very thick heart but according to my cardiologist, I was probably born with it. “It’s rare but stress and anxiety are probably what’s causing my EKG to be abnormal,” says Bell.

He also explained the symptoms he was having during his attack and says he knew exactly what to do because he’s in tune with his body. “I began feeling terrible chest and back pains while starting to sweat and become short of breath.  I went to the nearest emergency room and discovered I was having a mild heart episode.”

After being admitted and staying in the hospital for several days, Bell was discharged and on bed rest, and is now back to normal activities.

Most recently he traveled to the East Coast where he attended the Red Carpet and Premiere event for But Deliver Us From Evil in Ridgewood, New Jersey.  While there he met several movie producers and executive producers who are currently working on upcoming events.  He also made some radio promotional stops in Virginia before singing for Sunday morning Worship in the largest church in Richmond, VA.

Let’s continue to keep Bell in our prayers.  To stay connected to Bell, go to