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Richmond, VA (January 10, 2018) – It needs to be understood that digital social media is here to stay and if you want to stay connected the first thing you need to do is understand just how to do that!  However in the world we live in today, that’s easier said than done! People are quick to share with you on how to do this or that and after a few minutes, if you don’t understand, you are left to figure it all out on your on.

Enter Digital Social Media Connect with The Belle (DSMC)!  This tailor made work session, birthed in early 2016, is quickly becoming the Go-To for people who are trying to understand and navigate their way through Social Media.  Visionary and Founder of the new company, Sheilah Belle, says “There are many people who view digital social media as intimidating, thanks to people being hacked, bullied and having bad experiences on social media.  Our goal is to not only teach people how to protect themselves on social media, but we take the time to show you how to have fun while connecting with family members and friends.  We talk about passwords, apps, the correct way to post pictures, how to set your settings, how to make money from social media, how to build your audience, post stories, marketing, branding and the spiritual strong holds and so much more.”

If you would like to book Digital Social Media Connect for your church or organization, connect with us today at  We will make it work for you. This work session is absolutely FREE!

The purpose of Digital Social Media CONNECT with The Belle is to reconnect our generations, families, churches, businesses and organizations to a fast pace, forward moving generation that shows no signs of slowing down as they continue to intertwine their lives with the digital world. The Belle uses easy, fun and hands on methods that will help individuals to learn how to navigate through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Youtube and more.  “We make sure that everyone learns something before leaving the class, along with giveaways and actual in class training and participation,” says The Belle.

Digital Social Media CONNECT with The Belle is for ALL ages and will last about 2 to 3 hours, along with give-a ways and sometimes surprise guests just to help bring Social Media to life for those who may need visuals.

“I promise you, this will be the Digital Social Media Workshop you will never forget.  It’s fun, interactive and you will leave knowing a lot more than what you knew when you first arrived.”

For more information on how you can bring Digital Social Media CONNECT with The Belle to your city, church or organization, e-mail or

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