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Sheilah Belle

Source: Sheilah Belle / The Belle Report

TRUTH: One of the hardest things in LIFE to do, is to UNLEARN some of the crazy things we have learned that’s holding us back from living a full accepting life of who we are! Additionally, One of the hardest things in LIFE to do is to LEARN how to love ourselves for who we are, accepting our history, learning to embrace one another’s experiences that are different and to understand and accept, what God has for you IS for you. THUS, there is no need to hate on someone else. People are who they are! You shouldn’t have to beg anyone to be your friend, to check on you, call you, be there for you or to even love you. Either they will or they won’t! Learn to love you and enjoy the road that was paved for you! Embrace those who do love you and move on with your life! PRESS~

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