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My heart is so heavy!

There is so much hatred in this world!

There is so much division and people who feel entitled and those fighting to keep people in position so they can continue to live their entitled and privileged lives.

There are the people who say they love God, but display actions that dictate something totally different!!  From the White House to the Church House, we have some serious problems with racism, morality, entitlement and deceitfulness.   Do we know longer know how to love?

Empire actor Jussie Smollett was attacked on the streets of Chicago, by two white men hiding behind ideologies that are poisoning this country. These men who beat him, berated him and poured an unknown chemical substance (possibly bleach) on him.

In addition to that, they put a noose around his neck. Both of the assailants fled the scene.

When I stopped by Twitter yesterday, I stumbled across 4 Black men, chained together at a table fighting for their life at the S. OH Correctional Facility, as a white man Greg Reinke, was allowed to go into the area with a knife, because he said, “I just felt like killing someone. “The prison denied that the guards set it up, however many find that highly questionable.

B Smith, wife, iconic model and restaurateur is currently living with Alzheimer’s disease after being diagnosed in 2013.  She is also married to Dan Gasby, who thinks there is nothing wrong with moving his mistress in their home.  She is also the same woman who is taking care of B Smith.  HOW disrespectful!

This is the America we live in!