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Source: courtesy of Sheilah Belle / courtesy of Sheilah Belle

In the world we live in today, many people are more concerned with validation from likes and comments on their social media page than almost anything else.

We constantly check to see who liked or commented on something, or who simply put up a recent post. Often someone’s post will cause you to react by putting up another post, as if that is suppose to say something, but seriously, what is your ultimate goal?

Are you attempting to communicate a thought through a post in an attempt to get some type of reaction, or are you really trying to help make this place we live in called earth a better place. Prayerfully I hope it is the latter, because we seriously need more love in the world along with compassion and understanding hearts.

So as a reminder, let me just add, if there is something that you need, have questions about or just not sure about, let God hear from you FIRST.

If you need financial help, patience, power not to go off on someone, power to push back from the table, to exercise, to forgive, from cheating, to being kind, considerate, from porn, know that God can give you what you need and help you get it done!

If you need Power to stay away from someone’s wife or husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, JUST to do what is right, Power to tell the truth, power to speak up for yourself, power to tell someone NO, KNOW that God can help you do it!

If you need power to take responsibility for your own actions and not blame someone else, power to admit when you are wrong, power to accept the truth, POWER to NOT put demands on someone for something you want from them when you are on the outside looking in, just trust God and focus on YOUR purpose and where God is trying to take you!

POWER to pray for God’s WILL over your life…YES!

May God speak to your minds, hearts and souls today!

Have a great day and PUT a Praise on It!

*Words from The Belle!